About us



Through comprehensive analysis and processing of various kinds of titanium scrap Metalliage has become a North American leader in the manufacture of high quality FeTi 70%.

We operate south of Montreal, Quebec, from where we trade with North America, Europe, and Asia.


Founded in 1998, Metalliage is located in Greater Montreal, Quebec. Our operations are focused upon satisfying the ferrotitanium requirements of our customers. In order to satisfy quality requirements, our Surface Protection Argon Liquid (SPAL) process gives us an upper hand in supplying companies working in the metallurgy industry.

Our team of engineers, who boast over four decades of knowledge and experience in their respective fields have given Metalliage the platform upon which to develop into an industry powerhouse.

With expansion in production facilities, advanced capital technology, modern research facilities, unmatched sales, and a unique focus on our clients; with current and planned strategic projects in financial, technological, and manufacturing areas; Metalliage expects a very successful year ahead.




Metalliage Inc. began production in 1998 with the single commitment of producing the highest quality FeTi 70% for its client base. In the past four years, it has forged its name internationally. Today, Metalliage is one of the key players in its industry. With customer focused activities, it has been given the opportunity to face new challenges with great potential for consistent growth. As was the case for all industries, the global downturn hit the steel industry in 2009/2010, in turn affecting Metalliage. This gave us a chance to re-evaluate internal approaches, leading to a thorough restructuring program from the top down, implementing new policies and structures that saw an altogether positive 2011, allowing Metalliage to reaffirm its current and future growth targets.


Metalliage aims to provide its clients with the very best quality ferro products, with a level of focus in customer satisfaction second to none.

Through our fervent ability to set the bar for customer satisfaction and quality management, we aim to become the foremost global manufacturer of ferrotitanium.


Metalliage operates in a consistently competitive and volatile market. As one of the leading producers in the industry, we strongly believe in maintaining a high standard for product quality and customer satisfaction.

We are certain that our determination for persistently maintaining a high standard for quality, professionalism and loyalty, and our unbounded drive to succeed has prepared us for any challenge with which we are faced.

Our Facilities

The Metalliage production facilities cover a total area of 50,000 sq. ft. within 3 buildings located on a land site of 200,000 sq. ft. There are 3 main divisions.


  • The titanium warehousing and scrap processing section houses Ti alloys of different shapes and sizes which are sorted, sized, cleaned, and compacted.
  • The melt section contains an induction furnace where clean, dry Ti scraps and clean low carbon iron are charged and melted under a blanket of inert gas, according to the client’s specifications.
  • The crushing, size classification, and packaging section receives the produced ferrotitanium in slab form, which is then crushed, classified by size and packed into differently shaped containers: PP big bags, steel drums, and small paper bags.

The entire process is monitored by an expert QC team.